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School Activities

School Activities

Extra curricular activities play a vital role by channelizing the energy of students into a direction of personality development. To harness the hidden potential of students various activities are undertaken in school like Quiz, debate, painting, slogan writing, dance, drama and many more.

In order to realise the highest ideal of education, nurture the sterling qualities of well rounded personalities and inculcate a healthy competition, the school has been divided into the following three Houses:

a) Such a division is intended to inculcate and awaken in the child, a striving for excellence and to place this precious acquisition of his/her, at the service of the community and the nation.

b) Eachhouse is supervised by a House-Incharge for various affairs who is assisted by a team of teachers and students in managing the day-to-day commitments.

c) To involve the students in the smooth running of the school, each house is put on dutyfor a fortnight.

Apart from various activities & competitions, our school also encourages students to participate in sports. We feel games and Sports in school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. It increases self - esteem and mental alertness. We provide both a supervised and an unsupervised sports environment which children can choose. To ensure our student enjoy the whole experience of physical activity, we offer a vast choice of sports and games with a secure play area equipped with slides and swings.